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KILN SHELVES: Thin is only the beginning!

ADVANCER® “The Thin, Lightweight Kiln Shelves”

At only 5/16” thick, ADVANCER® silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide kiln shelves are 19 times stronger and weigh 50% less than conventional ram pressed silicon carbide or cordierite shelves! ADVANCER® shelves are made flat to stay flat so there’s no warping after repeated firings even under heavy loads.  All corners and edges are rounded for ease of handling and added durability.

Made from an advanced nitride bonded silicon carbide composition, ADVANCER® kiln shelves possess excellent thermal properties. Their low mass and high thermal conductivity result in shorter firing cycles allowing potters to save energy, improve productivity and reduce overall firing costs.  Their extremely low porosity (less than 1%), make them highly resistant to glaze drips and sticks - especially when compared to cordierite and conventional silicon carbide shelves with porosities of 18% or higher!