To Wash or Not to Wash, Your Kiln Shelves

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While many individual customers report that they do not need to use a wash coat on their ADVANCER® shelves, we generally recommend using a suitable high alumina wash on ADVANCER® shelves – particularly in studio or classroom settings where multiple users are present.

Due to the extremely low porosity of ADVANCER (less than1%) vs. conventional silicon carbide (18% typical) and cordierite (30% typical), it is true that there is much less of a tendency for glaze to penetrate into or stick onto the ADVANCER surface. Never the less it is still possible for glaze to react with the protective oxide glass surface of ADVANCER, especially at higher temperatures, and bond onto the ADVANCER surface. Glaze drips are usually easily removed without grinding because extremely low porosity of ADVANCER. On the other hand, glazes that volatilize at temperature, leaving a fine mist of glaze on the shelf may require light grinding or sanding for complete removal.

Advancer kiln shelves

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1. Mark Cortright wrote:
I have about 50 12x24 advancers and fire porcelain production wares on them to cone 11 the past 20 years. I wash them with a high alumina wash so the porcelain does not pluck (stick to them) Without wash you can have a small part of the foot stick to shelve. I put my shelves when new in sun and warm them-then use a paint roller and a paint screen in a 5 gallon bucket to apply wash thats the consistency of heavy cream and roll them-once dry I scrap the sides of any overhanging wash and then run them thru a bisque cycle with pots and candle them very slowly as they have some moisture from the wash .Once bisque that are ready for a glaze cycle.
My wash formula is by weight 50% alumina hydrate 1/4 calcined EPK 1/4 EPK
This wash has been used here for over 30 years with great results.It can be removed and easy to work with.

Sun, February 28, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

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