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Introducing the new Cryston® TW kiln shelves— as thin as Advancer® but more economical!



Lighten up your kiln!

We supply the newest generation of lightweight, low-mass kiln furniture that can help pottery producers save energy and labor—and increase profits.


Think about your kiln shelves for a moment.

Chances are they’re large and heavy, and consume more energy during each firing cycle than your products do. Now, imagine decreasing that block of kiln furniture by 50% or even 75%. Impossible? Not with the newest generation of kiln furniture, which is produced from several types of advanced silicon carbide (SiC) refractory materials.*

These advanced SiC refractories are 10 to 28 times stronger than traditional SiC and cordierite refractory materials, which allows for substantially lighter kiln furniture components, such as plates (shelves), support beams and support posts.

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*Available commercially under the trade names CRYSTAR® (recrystallized SiC), ADVANCER® (advanced nitride-bonded SiC) and SILIT®SK (reaction-sintered, silicon-infiltrated SiC), manufactured by Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials.


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