GlazeEraser® Product Information

  • Long Service Life14"
  • Diameter to Fit Most Wheel Heads
  • Can Be used With or Without Bat PinsHigh Performance Natural Rubber Pad
  • Minimal Safety Protection Required
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Unique Slow Speed Design For Added Accuracy and Safety

A Great Value at - $180 each

Smooth Foot Rings and Rough Glaze Edges

GlazeEraser® is a unique, slow speed grinding tool designed to work with your potters wheel to quickly remove glaze drips and other unwanted kiln debris from pot bottoms. Ideal for quickly smoothing foot rings and rough glaze edges.GlazeErase

Extremely Durable

GlazeEraser® is an extremely durable tool that will provide years of service. Simply place the GlazeEraser® rubber pad and 14” diameter grinding disc directly onto your wheel head and you’re ready to go!
Designed to be used with or without bat pins, there is no special safety protection required. You control the speed and pressure. Experimentation and practice will yield the best results! Ideal for classroom use!

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