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About KilnShelf.com

Mission Statement

At KilnShelf.com we are dedicated to specifying and supplying the highest quality silicon carbide kiln shelves, kiln furniture systems and high temperature kiln building materials available any where at fair market prices. We serve a diverse market including potters, educators, clay artists, glass artists, clay production studios and tile manufacturers. Our focus is on providing ideas, information, service and products.

History of Kiln Shelf

KilnShelf.com is the marketing segment of Smith-Sharpe Fire Brick Supply devoted exclusively to the needs of potters, clay educators, ceramic artists and glass artists. For over 75 years SSFBS has been a distributor of all types of refractory materials for many industries including ceramics, foundry, heat recovery, incineration and power.

Over the past 10 years KilnShelf.com has become the leading supplier of silicon carbide shelves and related refractory components including brick, castable and ceramic fiber to the pottery and glass market. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers including Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (ADVANCER® and CRYSTOLON® silicon carbide kiln shelves), Harbison-Walker Refractories (brick, mortar and castable), Unifrax Corporation (ceramic fiber blanket, boards and modules) and BNZ Materials (insulating bricks), we offer everything needed for kiln construction, repair and of course the finest high temperature kiln furniture available anywhere.